A new ENT appointment and a new start

I’m sure you know that life gets busy for all of us, and I mostly mean with work. I mean paid work. But my life, like yours sure is also busy with other day-to-day stuff.

It got to the stage today where I looked at my life and thought what can I jettison? Things have been getting ridiculous and I just can’t cope with anything. But you know, the problem with modern life is that you just can’t jettison things. In the old days, if you had enough food, you didn’t go out and hunt. But now, you have to work every single day, you have to have a part in the relentless process of earning money and keeping all the balls of your life juggled in the air.

Thankfully my iMac has had its screen replaced and that drama is over, but it’s little things like that on top of the things you can’t jettison which can make everything collapse around you. And when you stop collapsing, nothing has changed.

Anyway, some of you, anybody is reading, may just be wondering how my ear nose and throat appointment went, especially if you read my piece explaining what had happened with water in my middle ear. Well, it’s really odd. There wasn’t any fluid in my ear and the pressure is still there. He said it was inflamed, but not full of fluid, but he said he thought it had been before. So it’s really weird. He said are you stressed and anxious in your life, I said , and he said it could well be that as he had seen this before.

It began send feel more like a therapy session than an ear appointment, as he asked questions such as I you more settled in your life, why do you feel stressed, I do not adjusting to things well. It was really odd. Of course I lied and said my life wasn’t super stressful, but the truth is I’m falling to bits.

So it does seem that stress can equal and is infection and it can be completely annoying in getting things done in your life. And at the end of the day, I paid $100 for what I thought was going to be pressure release in my middle ear, and which actually turned out to be a therapy session with no redemption at all.

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