Health love and happiness

I think like everybody else I’ve always taken certain aspects of my health and happiness very much for granted. Things like my hearing, my smell, my ability to hear, even my ability to walk, just like many people I’m sure I’ve just taken them all completely granted. The truth is that we should every day think about how blessed we really are to be able to do those simple functions, when other people around us can’t.

At the minute I’m suffering from something wrong in my ear. You know that thing on the side of your head that you take for granted, that allows you to interact with the world around you. Well it’s blocked and it hurts. It feels like I have a football stuffed into my ear and that my head is going to explode. As well as that pain, I’m also trying to deal with the pain of a split up from a relationship I should never have been in at all.

And it’s all about money in this country. I went to see a specialist about this before when it happened last time, and was told fluid had built up behind my ear drum. Well it appears to have happened again. And as it is not covered by my health insurance it will cost thousands of dollars to get the fluid drained off, as well as have a course of steroids. What a country we live in.

On top of that I got to get my iMac glass replacement sorted out, which was my own stupid fault for attacking it in a rage, but with the pain I am in and the pressure on Monday from that guy, it’s no surprise that something inanimate got lashed out at.

So I’m a bit worried and in pain. I’m not sure what I meant to do about my ear, and what do people do when they can’t afford health care, especially if it doesn’t cover the things that are wrong? Are you meant to go into debt for the rest of your life, or do you just let things carry on until they kill you?

And how on earth are you meant to get on with the rest of your life? I work on my iMac all day for my job at home, and as it was broken and I was reduced to messing around on my phone trying to cover the worst bits of it while I get things sorted out.

All in all, you are probably wondering how I got into this mess. Well you’re not the only one, and I’m wondering how on earth I can to get this pressure out of my ear. I googled loads of stuff about it and apparently if fluid in the middle ear can take months to clear out, even if you do the right things.

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