Just another day in paradise

Saturday started out fine, I did the usual run-of-the-mill stuff, where I’m just messing around getting jobs done, laundry, bit of eating, cleaning and doing a little bit of work on the Mac.

My anxieties up because of actually just jumped into seeing another guy. We’re going on a second date, and I haven’t really cleared the decks with the first guy.

Anyway, I had to go for a drive today and it went fine. I managed to get there with the help of my GPS tracker and everything was fine until I arrived. The queue to get in was massive and it took me an hour to get things sorted. You would have thought the doing a bit of shopping and a few other chores would be so incredibly time-consuming and take three hours out of your day.

So I rushed back home to get back to work and ended up working late. So I’m on here now venting on this blog to nobody in particular just to get my thoughts and anger out into the open.

I’ve worked all day because I know I have a ton of plate this week in addition to the usual assignments I get, working for several hours after a three-hour break to do chores made me feel sick and dizzy. It was because I was hungry, but I start to wonder if I’m sick. Perhaps it’s this ear infection which is doing me down. I even got the shivers, but I’m not sure that is just anxiety by every minute is going on at the moment.

So if you happen to bookmark this blog and you never hear from me again, it’s probably because my head as exploded and I’m laying here in front of my iMac with blood all over the screen. Actually that’s a bit melodramatic, but I think you get the idea about how I’m feeling today.

But on with the show, I hope your day is better than mine has been and I’m now going to sign off and crack on with another hour of work to get ahead for tomorrow before my clients start getting all upset on me, shutting more doors and causing me more anxiety, which I really don’t need at the moment. On a positive note on going on another date tomorrow night and things seem to be going quite well, as long as the ex-boyfriend doesn’t turn up and cause hell.

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